New generation transport system

Smart transport

Passengers build a route from A to B in the app, as well as track the movements of a particular bus, trolley, tram, metro car - in real-time. Now you don’t need to wait, you know exactly which bus to look for and exactly when it will arrive at the bus stop. Plus, the driver knows that you are ready to get on. Not only do you know your route, but you know how long your trip will take … and this info is updated in real time as you travel!

Paying the fare

Not only can you see your best route from A-to-B, how long it will take, and how much it will coast … you can also pay for the trip via a convenient mobile app! Don’t waste time standing in lines to purchase tickets, using payment kiosks, or trying to find the exact change at the door of the bus. We know where you get on and off - our patented technology determines both via geolocation. This enables payment for exactly the length of your trip, rather than a ‘general rate’. We also accommodate all payment systems - cash, credit cards, transport passes, etc.

Polite drivers

With our platform, drivers know more about passengers and routes. They can see their schedule and can adjust their speed depending on the circumstances. Drivers also get a real-time assessment of their driving style from our sensors, as well as their rating from passengers. We help to make transportation safer and more comfortable!

Efficient management

Transportation agencies and command centers see the whole picture in real tine - as well as historically. We also create analytics for each specific route, bus and driver. We help optimize routes, size of busses, demand ‘surges’, do dynamic rates, and even transform fixed stops into ‘on-demand’ stops.

User passes his
unique identifier to
the system

Payment is processing on the server, money is debited from user’s account

User receives a one-time
password to confirm
the payment

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